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Allstay App

Absolutely love this app. We often go on extended roadtrips with our trailer and this is definitely a must have app. Lots of excellent camping info, stateparks, wallmarts and lots more. However, I really wish that the road-grade info could be there for ALL the States and Canada. Lots of them have no info on this or are not updated. (Actually no road grades for Canada at all). Would look forward to roadgrades in BC! We drove through Pennsylvania and Virginia today and there were lots of grades missing on the app. 3 weeks ago we drove through W-Virginia and most were missing, although W-Virginia was updated just last week. Wish they would have been on there, so we could have avoided these steep mountains and choose an alternate route. Still.....a wonderful app!

Integral to planning

I love planning ahead of time instead getting stuck on a bad road or campground. Rarely needs to be corrected but is quick to respond to user input.

All stay

I have found Allstay to be a useful app. It does show camp sites along your route which are not shown in Google.

We use it all the time

This is a great app for RV travel. The support is excellent. Very responsive to questions and comments. I especially like having the exact coordinates. It is easy to put the coordinates in Garmin and get to the campsite. Much better than a printed campground directory book.

Our go to travel app

As full time RVers I love this app not only for campgrounds but also fuel stops and other stops. I really use the reviews to help make decisions on deciding on all of the above. Thanks to all who take the time to update reviews of your stops along the way

Must have!

Were currently on a 9 month North American road trip with our motorhome and have been using this wonderful app quite extensively. Excellent for locating fuel, campgrounds, Walmarts, dump stations etc as were on the road, and when planning our next steps. Intuitive to use, the information is updated by users, and quite accurate. Have been recommending to all our RVing friends.

A Great Place to Stay

We love this campground! We have never had a bad experience here. Great staff, always willing to help and solve your problems should any arise. The Park was full but never felt crowded. We always come back here when we can.


Wonderful app for finding campgrounds and where to find gas stations that service RVs and places to park overnight! Thank you!


We use this app often, its very helpful. It would be very nice if users could mark campgrounds and have in a saved section for future trips and travels.

Great app!

It just keeps getting better and better. This app has paid for itself a hundred times over! Ive used this app for many years. It is always improving. Thanks for the continuous updates.

Great Help on Road Trips

This app is a great source of information about rest areas and campgrounds when in the road.

Absolutely THE VERY BEST camping app!

No matter what you are looking for, you can find it with the tools available in this app.… From propane to dump sites to overnight parking,… to overhead bridges along your route. We use it all the time to plan our travels. The filters are fantastic.


Great app. I use Allstays to determine where I go on my next trip. I also recommend Allstays to every camper I talk to. If you are looking for an app that is full of details and east to use, this is it. If you are a camper and like to explore campsites, you simply hit the campsite(s) in a particular area and get all the details about that site. I highly recommend this site.


The best investment weve ever made in an app. We never leave home without it!


I like it but have only used it while at home ( only had for about 3 weeks). Not sure how often the database updates and if there are any issues after an update but I havent seen that yet. Right now, as I said I like it but will have more info after trip in April. Update Have now used the app for over a year, only 2 updates and I am finding the data not up to date. Example, parks listed in app as being ROD, AOR are not affiliated AND according to park management have not been affiliated for a couple of years. Overall, I do like the app BUT I am disappointed at how current the data is. Now, I have to call the park to verify. I onetime inquired why updates arent more frequent, the reply was developer penalized if too frequent. That may be true, but I cant help but wonder if the real reason is there wont be as many favourable reviews under the recent tab..

Great App; but you cant save

Love the app very informative and detailed. But I wish with the next update that you could save sites for future reference instead of starting all over.

PEI traveller

I love this App!I not only use it to find Fuel, Walmart, Pilot Js, and RV Parks, it is a wonderful GPS showing your location on the road near all these places as you drive! I have every other device and travel guide but this App beats them all hands down!

Dont leave home without it!

We are in Week 5 of a cross-country trip; two weeks remaining. We love this app. Beats Good Sams inaccurate ratings by a mile. Is worth every penny.

Excellent for finding good spots to camp

I use this app all the time. The maps are accurate and the info up to date. As a full time RVer its invaluable

Valuable Resource

This app has been worth every penny. We have found so many new RV parking spots.

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